Financial Support for Steve Ewing Band

The pandemic hardly affected Steve's Hot Dogs & Burgers, questioning the future activity of this amazing place. The reopening of our restaurant could be possible only with the help of our beautiful and loyal community. To celebrate this success, Steve Ewing Band decided to start a campaign and help people with free meals. We are all together in this hard situation. To keep our campaign, we rely hardly on donations from our customers, as well as companies. Want to contribute? Keep reading to find out how!

Steve Ewing Steve Ewing
Pictures gracially provided by Roseanna Sales.

Why You Should Donate?

Our campaign has been started to help people in this difficult situation with daily meals. Many residents of our community have lost their jobs after the long-term lockdown, so we decided to contribute to our people's well-being.

  • 1. You will get bonus point to your karma!
  • 2. You will contribute to the common goal of helping people to pass during these hard times.
  • 3. Your small contribution will an enormous positive impact on our community.

How Could You Bring Your Contribution?

For people willing to support Steve Ewing Band in this wonderful campaign, we have created more ways:

  • 1. You can donate a sum of money directly to our bank account.
  • 2. You can purchase something at our restaurant. We will donate 10% from each purchase for the campaign.
  • 3. Buy a gift card at one of our concerts or for a meal at our restaurant. The purchase will include a small contribution to the campaign.

Remember, even the smallest donation has a great impact!! Join us in this nice campaign! Our band will ensure a wonderful atmosphere at the restaurant!