Music and Food at
Steve's Hot Dogs and Burgers

The story of Steve's Hot Dogs and Burgers begins as a hot dog cart and ends with transitioning into a successful restaurant! The Ewing Effect has reached the hearts of food and music lovers, making them return for the original flavors.

The story of this amazing place starts in 2008 when Steve Ewing decided to open a cart for music lovers in North St. Louis. The place became famous as a result of the quality and diversity of flavors and creative approach! The Urge band's frontman was amazed about this result and decided to add some new products that transformed the whole story into a gourmet one! This opened the road of Steve's Hot Dogs and Burgers for local concerts and festivals.

Music and Food at Steve's Hot Dogs and Burgers
Pictures gracially provided by Mabel Suen.

The success allowed Steve to open two more locations between 2011 and 2015, a brick-and-mortar location on the Hill and another in Tower Grove East. Customers appreciated the details, the authenticity of the flavor, and the famous Italian buns.

The successful story of Steve's Hot Dogs and Burgers could end in 2020, if not the Community empowering. The closing announcement made customers show their loyalty, bringing more sales and partnerships!

How did Steve Ewing respond to this turn of fate? He started a campaign aiming to help people!! Each delivery was bringing a new cent and helped to raise funds. The sum was used for helping community members with food and other products. Isn't it an amazing gesture in a global crisis caused by the pandemic? Here is how a small food cart evolved into an amazing project thanks to the love and dedication of a dreamer!