How to Start a Record Label with
No Money - Our Advice & Path

"Can I start a Record Label with no money?" Well, we have demonstrated that you can! You will be surprised about the sum you need to start and the multitude of financing options. "The Ewing Effect" has shown that one can achieve the highest goals with a bit of dedication! So, if you are on a budget, be prepared to invest all your time in creating your dream product. How is it possible? Let us share with you the best working methods we have discovered.

How to Start a Record Label with
No Money
Pictures gracially provided by Roseanna Sales.

We believe that a successful label starts with a clear idea that will offer you a competitive advantage. However, you need some operations management so that your business is legal and ready for release. You have to understand the basic expenses, which are usually divided into management costs, manufacturing and marketing.

Once you count your basic costs, you can start analyzing the financing options available on the market. We will offer you some suggestions with pros and cons, so you can choose the one that fits you the best:

1. Find a Partner

If you have an amazing idea but lack money, find a partner to sponsor your label! This might be a great option if you find a business angel; you can even get a lot of precious advice on how to get successful. However, select your partner wisely, as a shared quote gives your partner equal decision rights. We would advise finding a person that will inspire you and help you grow.

2. Crowdfunding

Is your project inspiring? Go on a crowdfunding platform, start a blog and show people why they should invest in your idea. If you are creative, this way might not be difficult for you!

3. Private Financial Lending

With a good credit history, you might apply for private financing. Online lending services offer more flexibility than banks. You might find good deals to sponsor your equipment and fix costs.

Starting a Record Label requires a lot of time and dedication. If this is your dream, follow our advice and make your first steps to a successful future!