Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What's the magic word?
Answer: HYAAH!!!

Question: Is this that guy from The Urge?
Answer: Yes! Steve Ewing was the lead vocalist for The Urge from 1989 to 2001.

Question: What is the one question you get asked the most?
Answer: When is The Urge getting back together?

Question: When is The Urge getting back together?
Answer: While there are no definite plans to reunite at this time, it is not completely out of the realm of possibilities. If anything should happen, stay tuned to for details. Until then, come out and enjoy any (or all) of the shows listed here.

Question: Where can I catch a Steve Ewing show again?
Answer: At any (or all!) of these places listed on the Shows link listed at the top.

Question: What can I expect at a Steve Ewing Show?
Answer: Steve Ewing shows come in one of two enticing flavors, whether it's an acoustic outing with axe-man extraordinaire Adam Hansbrough or a full band assault. Either way you're in for a stellar mix of classic covers, Urge favorites and outstanding selections from any one of the six independently releases, including the latest, Zodiac.

Question: What songs are you covering these days?
Answer: "One Love" by Bob Marley, "King of Pain" by The Police, "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers, "Right On Track" by The Breakfast Club, and Prince's "Starfish and Coffee" to name a few.

Question: Who is that guy tearing up the guitar?
Answer: That would be the one and only Adam Hansbrough.

Question: Will the boot still conquer the sandal?
Answer: Yes. Yes it will, every time.